Whether you are buying a new home, or remodeling an existing space, ask yourself the question, “how much space do I need?”.
To answer this all-important question, you need to assess the items in your life, where you would like to store them and how. Give this some good thought as a poorly organized space can become a frustrating place to work in.






The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to be well organized. We often tell our clients, when deciding on a layout for their new kitchen, to make a list. What things do you keep outside the kitchen that you would like to be kept in the kitchen? How many cooks in the kitchen? What would you like to see in your new space? These questions, when answered thoroughly, will give you much needed clarity.

To help with this decision, we have broken out your kitchen space into 3 distinct kitchen storage zones; fridge, sink, and range areas.

Fridge Centre

The beginnings of every great meal start here. It is also the drop zone for groceries, mail, keys, phones, etc. So, make sure there are a couple of key things to include when designing this area.

Location – Consider where this area will be located. Close to the main entryway is ideal, that way you won’t have to go far when coming in the door, arms

Counter Space – whether it be a space beside the fridge, or an island close by, you will want counter space to drop groceries, or whatever is in your hands. This counter space can also double as a message/media area, a place to leave your keys and charge your phone.


– You will want to consider putting a pantry (if space allows) next to the fridge. This will aid in organizing how the groceries get put away. If all the food storage is in one spot, just think of how quickly this can be done.

Small Appliances – In your planning you may also want to consider making room for some of the essential small appliances. Items like the slow cooker, blender, and stand up mixer and toaster are things you may use on a weekly or even daily basis, having them easily accessible will prove to be handy as this area is also the first point of food preparation.




Sink Centre

As the most used area of the kitchen, the sink centre would be best laid out in a central location. When planning out your space, make sure to keep these things in mind.

Cleaning Supplies & Drying Towels – These items go hand in hand with the sink centre location, but a designated spot for them is often over looked.

Small Appliances – Similar to the fridge centre, the sink area is also a good place to keep the small appliances as this is where most of the food prepping is done.

Dishwasher & Garbage – Think about how you work in the space, do you scrape your plates to the left and load the dishwasher to the right? Or vice versa? In either case, you will want your sink to be in the middle of the garbage pullout and dishwasher.


Flatware, Dishes & Glass Storage – The key to a well-organized space is to have everything close at hand. This would apply for everyday flatware, dishes and glass storage as well. These items would ideally be kept in the sink centre. It will make unloading the dishwasher a breeze.



Range Centre

Anything that involves the cooking process should be stored here. Countertop space on either side of the range is key for setting down hot items quickly, so pot holders should be at hand. You might also want to think about a good amount of countertop to set out plates for transferring cooked food to serving. Locating the range centre near the dining room is something to consider when planning out your space.


Microwave – Whether you decide on an over the range microwave or something built into a lower cabinet, your microwave should be located in the range area.

Cookware, Bakeware & Small Appliances – There are some great accessories for storing these items, depending on how you like to organize they can be quite helpful.




Spices – With so many ways to store your spices, it would be best to really think about the way you move in your kitchen space.

Serving Platters & Dining Set Up – Since we have placed the range centre near the dining area, it would only make sense to also house the serving platters, and all things for table set up in this area as well.




Now that we have armed you with some great organization tips, planning your new kitchen space should be a breeze.