Cookie Sheet & Tray Storage

If you are anything like me, your cookie sheets are scattered around your kitchen.
Some can be found in the warming drawer of your oven, or quite likely inside the oven,
needing to be moved every time you want to use it. In any case, the struggle is real.


Cabinet Pullout

This built in accessory is very handy, and comes in two different sizes.
If you have the space, it works most efficiently right beside the stove.
It can accommodate, not only your cookie sheets, but also, muffin tins,
cutting boards, and your plastic and tin foil wraps.





Custom Dividers

Custom dividers are another great way to store this awkward item.
These dividers can be incorporated into the fridge upper or
wall oven upper cabinet, or in a deep drawer.




Utensil Storage

If you look inside most utensil drawers, you will see a calamity of ladles, spatulas and whisks tangled
together in one large messy drawer or there’s the infamous canister on the counter.
There are some great solutions for this common storage problem.


Utensil Tray

The simplest way to organize your utensil drawer is with built in dividers.




 Utensil Cabinet Pullout

This is such a great utensil accessory.
Not only will it hold your utensil essentials, it will fit spices and small cannisters.







Flatware & Glass Storage

Your flatware and glasses no longer need to go in an upper cabinet. In fact, it is much more functional to house them in a lower drawer.
Here are some really cool ways to keep it organized.

Removable Plate Rack

These plate holders are great. They can be adjusted to fit any plate or bowl size,
and you can carry them right over to the table, for when you are setting for a large party.





Peg Board Plate System

This pegboard drawer system is great for saving on space, you can use every inch of the
drawer to maximize what you get in there. The pegs are removable, so you can
configure this drawer however choose.




Pantry Storage

It’s tough to keep a pantry organized and accessible, there are things that get pushed to the back,
never to be heard from again. Lucky for us, there are a couple of ways to keep your pantry neat and tidy.


Pullout Pantry

My favourite is the pantry pullout.
This one is especially awesome as the shelves extend out of the cabinet when you open the door.
So, you get to see everything. What is also pretty cool about this accessory, is that it comes in a
few different sizes, so, we can put one of these in a smaller space.





Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves are an excellent way to utilize pantry space.
Our pullouts have glass high sides, so you can load them up,
and still be able to see everything in them. We also take advantage
of the depth of the pantry by using extra deep shelves.




Tupperware Storage

The most hated drawer in the kitchen, the Tupperware drawer can become so disorganized
that it’s sometimes impossible to even get it open.


Tupperware Pullout 

Sent from heaven, this pullout revolutionizes how you store this nemesis.
Hidden behind a door, and completely soft close, this accessory is a game changer.





Corner Cabinet Storage

Say goodbye to the lazy susan….
There are so many new, innovative and better ways to utilize a corner cabinet.

Corner Drawers

While this is not the most effective way to use all the space,
corner drawers do provide good storage.
Not to mention, they look great.





Pullout Trays

In our opinion, the absolute best use of a corner cabinet.
These trays pull right out of the cabinet, and you can load
them up with a number of different kitchen items. We
recommend this to all our clients.