Granite Is Out

As much as we love the unique look that granite provides, it is no longer the preferred kitchen surface.
With it’s low maintenance and contemporary designs, Quartz has become the clear choice.


Brass Is Back

Don’t fight it, this is happening.
From polished, to burnished to rose finish, brass is on its way back in and honestly, we don’t hate the idea.
Pairing well with gray, black, navy and white tones, we have big plans for this golden oldie.

Fewer Uppers

With so many options for functional storage in lower cabinets, it’s no wonder the trends are leaning to fewer upper cabinets.
Dress up those walls with some beautiful backsplash tile.

Deep Drawer Storage

With the growing trend of less and less upper cabinetry, it would only seem logical that the
lower cabinet space would become more and more functional, and deeper drawers are the way it’s going.
For all your storage needs, load your lower cabinets with well thought out useful drawer banks.

Open Shelving

With the ability to serve a few different purposes, open shelves are a great alternative to upper cabinetry.
Now, we know the horror of having our stuff on display, but if you can get over this small point,
you would see that open shelving is a great design tool.
Displaying cool pieces of pottery, or your everyday plates and glasses, adding strategic pops of colour to your kitchen space.

Single Level Islands

To go along with the open concept living spaces, the single level island is a must.
If you choose a layout where your sink is in the island, it could become one of the most functional spaces in your kitchen,
if not, think about the awesome, large unobstructed prep space you would have.
And if you are into entertaining, a single level island will become the hub of any gathering.

White Cabinets

So, lets be honest, the white kitchen has never really gone off trend. It is a timeless look that will most likely never be out of style.
You really can’t go wrong with beautiful white cabinetry. The key is to add some interest, mix materials, throw some rustic charm in,
or add some colour with a gorgeous quartz countertop, maybe glam it up with some spectacular handles.
White cabinets allow you to insert your personality into the space.